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We provide professional service for private and commercial customers.


We ensure that if you make a living (employed or private), then you deserve to own your own home, and also diversify your income through real estate. Owning your home is not a privilege, but a right, and TURECC has come to make it possible.


Every worker, be it in the private or public sector, deserves to own a land. And every land owner deserves to own a property on their land. TURECC is on a mission to make your dream of owning a land/house a reality through series of our schemes.

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We pride ourselves on our professionalism while providing the best service to all our clients. We can help you fulfil that vision of owning your dream house through series of schemes we have for from low income earners to high income earners.
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TURREC offers Quality Constructions. Honest services. Great value

Turecc Estate and Construction Nigeria Limited, a multinational Estate developer and construction firm, with her sister-firm in the State of Texas, United States.

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Drainage is often a major element of civil engineering and construction projects and is necessary to avoid flooding and other damage. Be it a simple or a complex drainage system, our team at TURECC Constructions and Estates Ltd will get the job done. We have a fleet of new equipment, set up with the latest GPS control, to give our crews a leg up on the competition.
Our scope enables us to work safer, smarter and more efficiently than the rest of the industry.


Building roads is one of our major services, and we’ve got it covered! Whether Estate Roads or Street Roads to Major Roads, your project will be handled with experience and expertise. We’ve completed handful of street road and highway jobs, working as general or sub-contractor for private clients, townships, cities and the States government. We also reconstruct and maintain battered roads for individuals, organizations and government. Our job isn’t finished until the road is safe and the landscape is restored or improved. Our reputation is built on leaving a good impression.


Our Bridge and Heavy Construction division specializes in bridge and concrete construction. Led by skilled team members with decades of experience, this division delivers projects of unsurpassed quality. This division also handles our public and private bridge construction. In addition, they build retaining and noise walls, storm water retention devices as well as install piles and sheeting. Our staff also has the capability to complete design-build projects. As we do on every project, we use industry-standard systems to get the work done right, on time and on budget.

Quality Construction. Honest service. Great value

With our team of skilled professionals in all department, you are guaranteed 100% satisfaction

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